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New Franklin: Known Issues 

(March 2014)


Put on Course Reserve option

After clicking on "Request circulating copy (PennKey)," ineligible users can see and act upon the "Put on Course Reserve (for faculty use)" option. 

Account Services

Call slip request failures.  Irregular, about 3% of the time.   The problem has been identified and a solution is in the works. Citation field need to be lengthened. Temporary solution: have patron reload page. (59)

When a patron has a lost book and account is blocked, the reason does not display. (53)

Bound Journals and requests

Faculty Express patrons cannot request articles from journals not at LIBRA. (40)

Books by Mail patrons cannot request articles from journals not at LIBRA. (31, 27)

"Search the Penn Libraries catalog" link in WorldCat

Not functioning. Get this error: org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: No pipeline matched request: franklin/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi - context://proxy.xmap - 90:77

Temporary Location

When individual volumes of a multivolume set are assigned a temp location for reserves (e.g., a Van Pelt book on reserve at Fine Arts), the temp location does not display next to the volume (as it does in Franklin)

Advanced search

If after performing an advanced search, one goes back to the Advanced search screen, the search values will display on individual lines rather than as originally entered.


The option for both brief and detailed, email and print, should be offered on both the results screen and the record page.(41)

Mobile use

User interface not optimized for mobile users (85)


Need to Display due date and time for Reserve items that are charged out (84)

Scope Notes

This is a gap in functionality with Classic Franklin. We have incorporated cross references into DLA-D Franklin, but there is important information on the scope of headings contained in authority records that is not being displayed.(61)


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